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From the age of 16, the pulsating rhythm and beats of music have resonated within me. My DJing journey commenced in a lively Connecticut bar, where instead of pouring drinks, I started spinning tracks. That first brush with DJing kindled an undeniable passion, catapulting me onto the DJ scene not just in Connecticut, but across the vibrant New York tri-state area.

Over the years, my repertoire has spanned a plethora of events and venues. From curating open-format sessions in buzzing college bars to driving house music beats at sprawling nightclubs, my DJing path has been as diverse as it has been exhilarating. Amongst all, delivering high energy, top 40 mashups that get crowds singing and dancing has always sent my heart racing.

Parallel to my growth as a DJ, I've gained substantial experience in building out events at bars and nightclubs. I've developed a keen understanding of what makes an event successful, and I bring that expertise to every gig. I can provide valuable insights and strategies on how to effectively scale any venue.

Following a brief hiatus from DJing to focus on career growth, I've established fresh roots in the quaint town of Summerville, South Carolina. Here, I see a compelling opportunity to merge the vivacious energy of NYC nightlife with the serene charm of the Lowcountry.

Whether you're looking for a guest DJ to amplify your bar or nightclub's atmosphere, a consistent performer for monthly residencies, or a DJ for teen parties or community events, I stand ready to create unforgettable music experiences. With a dedication to delivering stellar performances and a passion for event growth, let's set the stage on fire, together.

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